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Snow and ice can be constant dangers to people during winter. Winters have been much colder and more extreme since 2009 when more snow than had been seen in 18 years fell nationwide almost unexpectedly. Many people were trapped in their cars waiting for rescue, while others were simply stranded in towns where no food could be delivered. Needs for winter products are ever-growing among public and retail customers meaning wholesalers such as Astro Imports need to be stocking relevant goods early, to show retailers when they should purchase these goods, and make consumers more aware of colder weather approaching.

Winters are set to get much worse as time goes on. More Arctic sea-ice melts every year and less freezes in the Arctic winter again to make up for ice lost. More ice melting means more heat absorbed by the sun, which will then heat up the Earth’s atmosphere. Due to an increased temperature, the polar jet-stream slows down, meaning any weather fronts settling over England won’t move anytime soon. Extreme weather fronts can settle over England for weeks during winter as a result, and everyone nationwide feels effects of heavier and generally colder weather in everything they do for months afterwards.

Astro Imports are wholesalers based in Leicester, UK, which supply to retailers nationwide. As a wholesaler they are responsible for ensuring retailers know when they should begin stocking winter goods by stocking them in their ranges. Retailers need prompting when stock should be changed, as wholesalers such as Astro Imports receive information on consumer research undertaken by manufacturers directly. Wholesale goods are much cheaper than retail goods, as they generally have a discount on them given as retailers usually by a lot of products at once, instead of two or three every few months.

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