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Shopping is essential for both customers and businesses alike. Customers need to shop, for example, for groceries in order to live, and businesses need to shop in order to sustain their stock levels. Wholesalers offer the stock for companies to retail to their customers, so their goods cost less but only when bought in large quantities. The reason for this is that retailers normally need a lot of stock in order to cope with their consumer’s requirements and so will purchase goods in high numbers.

Astro Imports is a wholesaler that stocks all kinds of products to their retailers, and they are able to sell to businesses in many different markets. With a continuous inflow of new products supporting their stock you’ll find it hard to not purchase anything from them. Astro also offer reduced rates to all of their retailers purchasing wholesale, so there’s a chance for all customers to boost their margins if they purchase enough.

Of course like in any market there are many different wholesalers to buy from, but what makes Astro different from their rivals is their online shop. Many wholesalers out there are still taking catalogue orders over the phone solely, this is a waste of resources and time when you think that it could be as easy as pressing a button, and then have a repeat order on its way.

Astro Imports are thought to be the online Cash and Carry, purely for the reason that they have a wide selection of goods and all at cheap cost. They are the first of few wholesalers to sell online and bring the industry up to date with current technology. One of the most useful bits about their website is that users can’t see the cost of the goods unless they are logged on. Which means that consumers won’t be able to view the costs of the goods on Astro’s online store.

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