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Many businesses are closing down, as due to unemployment people don’t have the same amount of money as they used to. In order for businesses to stay continue trading while people find themselves new jobs they need to be looking for the cheapest wholesaler they can find, in order to make the most out of their stock. This is particularly prominent in Leicester, with businesses closing and opening all over the place, but there have been survivors of all of this change, and Astro Imports are one of them.

Astro Imports has been open and trading since 2006 and still shows no signs of closing down or even struggling. The reason for this is its wide range of pound line items that sell so quickly in their customer’s shops. They also have a continuous stream of new stock updated throughout the year, this is allows customers to stay up to date with the latest products and not be seen to sell stale products all year round.

Astro Imports is at the centre of wholesale in Leicester, and as a local business most companies within and around the location use them as their wholesaler, as they are so close. Delivery costs for local companies will obviously be much smaller than customers further away, in combination with the discount rates that Astro offer, local businesses are shouldn’t shop anywhere else.

Astro Imports are aiding the city of Leicester by supplying its businesses with good stock at cheap cost. If more companies in the UK buy their stock as cheaply as they can from wholesalers then the country will be able to sustain new start-up businesses a lot better. What the public need right now is to get the products they want for cheaper, and this is just what Astro Imports intend to give them.

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