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Unemployment affects all businesses, as people just don’t have the money to spend that they used to. This also affects the wholesalers who supply these companies, as more of them close down there are fewer retailers who need to buy wholesale. When buying in bulk costs are already pretty low, but in order to survive wholesalers are going to have to offer their customers more if they want to secure their business.

One such wholesaler is Astro Imports. They have a wide range of varying goods on offer for their customers which means that they can also sell to various different markets. However, even in this case Astro have to run offers to provide an incentive for current clients to stay and new clients to sign up.

One way in which they are doing this is by presenting discounts on all of their customer’s orders. The way it works is the more you purchase, the larger you’re discount, this means that you can spend less on your stock and make more when you sell it. Having discounts that go up in levels of orders is also an original way to encourage clients to purchase more when they wouldn’t normally, this is a bold strategy to try but it’s paying off for them.

Astro’s wholesale discount offers are just one of the ways in which they’re trying to help their customers, another is their online store. The fact that Astro actually have a website is innovative for a wholesaler as not many businesses in the industry want to sell online. The website has bought in lots of new business for them and resulted in a lot more sales, purely because of the ease of online shopping. If you’re looking for a low cost wholesaler to use then why not also use one that’s so clearly at the head of its market.

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