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The recession means that people are tightening their belts in more and more, and looking for cheaper alternatives to the products they’re so used to buying. In order to meet these demands and help your customer, you need to be stocking the right products at the right price, and nothing is more appealing than the bargain pound shop lines.

The pound line products are notorious for being pretty great and sold at really good prices, you can get them wherever you go and they sell like hotcakes. Astro imports have a wide range of pound shop lines that are perfect for anyone to sell in their business. These products include the shower body scrub, something that nearly every household in the UK uses, and each one of those families wants to get their scrubs at a cheap price.

The pound shop lines that Astro sell have another added benefit, when bought wholesale you get a discount on your order. Not only does this mean that you can buy more products and not spend more than you want to, but it also means that you make more profit on every item sold. These discounts vary depending on how much you buy, but the more you do the greater the saving that you’ll make.

Astro update their stock regularly so you’ll always have the latest and most innovative pound shop lines on your shelves. Of course some products will always be valuable to your customers, like all purpose glue and car air fresheners. That’s why Astro stock these all year round so you’ll have access to the best-selling and cheapest items that your customers demand.

There are hundreds of other products that Astro are able to sell at a great price, but half the fun of shopping is the discovering. Astro’s website is open 24 hours a day and will take orders whenever you’re able to make them, because they know you’ll be too busy in office hours.

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