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The Cash and Carry chain is the most well-known wholesaler around. What people love about them is that they sell loads of great products that we enjoy in bulk and very cheap. Often friends and family of those with the coveted Cash and Carry card will pop along to buy groceries at a bargain price. While there are many more wholesalers out there, most of them don’t have the ability to sell to their customers online, this is what makes Astro Imports the online Cash and carry.

Online sales are the future for any business, while most are gradually moving and realising the benefits of the internet, there are still those who outright refuse to have a website. The cause of this is customers who are unwilling to change their ordering patterns, and are stuck in the routine of calling their wholesaler every two weeks to have a chat and repeat their same old order.

With Astro import’s website, ordering the products that you want to sell couldn’t be easier. There are a range of products all carefully organised into clear categories so that you don’t have to go through every page to try and find what you’re after. There are also clearance lines that are regularly updated, as well as new stock just added to the companies’ website. You may stumble upon some products you never thought you’d sell by having a brief browse through some items, but if you’re in a rush then you can just hit the repeat order button and be done within five minutes.

Since there is no online Cash and Carry, use Astro Imports to streamline your business, and save your time for more important things than speaking to several different people just to place an order.

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