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Ice and snow can make roads and paths dangerous during winter. Many people fear black ice as it’s hard to see and often causes serious car accidents. Winters have been steadily more extreme since 2009 in England due to a higher level of Arctic sea-ice melting in the Arctic summer. When more ice has melted, more heat is absorbed by the ocean from the sun, which in turn heats the Earth’s atmosphere. A warmer atmosphere means the polar jet-stream has slowed down, which consequently means weather fronts reaching England stay there for longer. These weather fronts can be anything from rain, to freezing blizzards which will freeze the country for weeks.

Retailers are able to help people protect themselves from coming to harm during winter by offering winter products to them. Winter products can be anything from an ice scraper to simple practical items for keeping warm in a car such as a candle. By supplying these items at winter, retailers can ensure every single one of their customers has a chance to purchase something which could help them through an incredibly cold season. Obviously there will also be many Santa Claus themed goods on sale during winter, however many of these will provide warmth and are well-worth having.

Astro Imports are Leicester, UK, based wholesalers which supply to retailers nationwide. As a wholesaler they are responsible for ensuring they offer winter goods when retailers need to be thinking about stocking them, as retailers more than likely won’t until their retailers do. Astro Imports send an email newsletter to all of their retailers whenever they have new stock available, as they can use their newsletter to show retailers what they should be stocking. Being based in Leicester, UK, Astro Imports can deliver goods nationwide at a cheap cost, making them a favourite wholesaler for many retailers.

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