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During Christmas many retailers often experience a huge sales boost as more people are out looking for presents to buy for their friends and family. Retailers will always ensure they have a huge stock of products for Christmas as they want to make as many sales as possible in order to make as much money as they can. For a retailer Christmas will probably be a time of year incomparable to in terms of how busy they will be. While people come and look for something to buy for their friend or relative, retailers will also be offering special promotions in order to secure even more sales they may have lost out on previously.

Retailers make their money by purchasing their goods at a cheap price and selling them on to customers with a cost added on. Retailers need to ensure they purchase enough goods at once in order to gain a great deal, which will need to be a lot or retailers will lose out on their discounts. Through buying a large amount of products at once retailers can also have all of their products delivered at once, which will save on any delivery costs they may incur.

Astro Imports are a wholesaler operating in Leicester. As a company they have aided many retailers by providing them with any goods they require for their customers. Astro Imports have a discount system which entitles all of their customers to further money off of their orders when they order more products at once. As a result Astro Imports receive more large orders, especially when nearing Christmas, as retailers are desperate to save money and make as much profit as possible on their products when they’re sold to customers. By using Astro Imports as a wholesaler, retailers can save money and increase their margins.

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