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There are many people who have a birthday at Christmas. For some people a birthday at Christmas means a lot of celebrations very close together in order to ensure both events are celebrated effectively. For others however, having a birthday close to Christmas means only one event will be celebrated, Christmas. Many people choose to combine both a birthday and Christmas and celebrate both at Christmas as a family will always prefer to gather together for Christmas. A Christmas birthday will mean someone can see all of their family at Christmas and have them celebrate every one of their birthdays with them.

Retailers sell all kinds of goods during Christmas. Retailers need to secure as many sales as they can in order to stay afloat and don’t want to miss out on any sales. There are often more goods on offer near Christmas than at any other time of year, thanks to people wanting to spend a lot of money at Christmas. As a result families have many different goods on which to spend their money when looking for a present for a relative with a birthday near Christmas.

Astro Imports supply goods to a wide range of retailers nationwide. They are based in Leicester, UK, which means they are able to supply effectively to most retailers, wherever they may be in England. For many retailers price can be what makes them choose to use a wholesaler or leave them for another one. What most people don’t think about will be the effect a wholesaler has on their products. When a wholesaler charges more for their products, then retailers need to charge more for their goods, meaning consumers must pay more for their products. When consumers need to pay more for their goods they often look elsewhere to attempt to save money, which means retailers can potentially lose out on sales.

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