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It’s important that retailers are able to stock products they know will generate sales the entire year round. Consumers will always be looking for handy goods they can recognise a direct benefit to themselves in purchasing, though still want to stick to established budgets that stay cheap. Considering this, one of the absolute best ranges of products to keep in good supply is torches.

During the colder months of the year they make for particularly good investments. The darkest day of the year falls around the 20th-22nd December, and torches sell exceptionally well on months both sides of the date. Consumers are looking for ways to get around their gardens, sheds, and find their cars with remarkably little daylight available. With this in mind, you’d expect winter to be the absolute best time to invest in torches. However spring and summer represent equally good opportunities. As festival and camping season begins to warm up individuals are looking for portable light sources to accompany them on trips away from home. Expect to see a large number of sales generated during the period as consumers seek to prepare.

Astro Imports provides a number of torches to retailers at competitively low prices, allowing outlets to attract customers while still maintaining high profit margins. Small LED metal torches are available in packs of twelve, being handily portable and able to sell at very low price points, especially as PoS purchases. Alternatively Ultra-bright LED lights are available with head straps and adjustable inclination, catering to any customers with more intensive goals for camping, or conducting DIY or garden work in the dark.

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