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Retailers need to buy their stock in bulk, as they can’t afford to buy it in small amounts whilst still making a profit on the goods they’re selling. By purchasing their stock in bulk, retailers are usually given a discount by wholesalers for buying so much at once, lowering the cost of each product individually, meaning retailers can make more profit on each sale. Poundlines can be made even more profitable by purchasing a lot at once, and all retailers need to do is find a space to store them for the whole year, cutting out their on-going delivery costs for poundlines for the year.

Astro Imports are cheap bulk UK wholesalers. They have a wide range of stock available for any retailer to purchase through their online trade website. The ability to order online is still new for wholesalers, as many still believe ordering over the phone is the best way. With a trade website, retailers can save time by finding the stock they need and ordering it through a streamlined system that remembers their payment details. Retailers can save even more time by simply logging in and pressing the repeat order button, that will automatically repeat a previous order, saving the retailer having to search through the site to find all of the goods they want again.

Customers save money on their products when retailers purchase their goods from wholesalers like Astro Imports. Thanks to wholesalers, retailers only need to pay once for delivery, and all of their goods for the month or so ahead can be delivered in one day, saving the retailer waiting for multiple deliveries which could compromise sales. Retailers can pass on the savings they make by buying their stock wholesale to their customers, and still make a profit on the sales they make, thanks to wholesale priced being so cheap.

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