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Astro Imports supply a wide range of different cheap bulk poundlines to retailers around the UK. Their ranges are always being increased as new products are released, or better versions of current products become available. Poundlines are products that are easy for retailers to sell to customers thanks to their low cost to the retailer. Wholesalers like Astro Imports scour the country for the best goods to sell as poundlines, and have them delivered from manufacturers to their warehouses. Here retailers can find the stock they need and buy it in bulk, saving money on each product as the wholesaler will offer a discount to retailers when they purchase their stock in bulk.

Retailers can save a lot of money by purchasing their goods in bulk. Poundlines are especially lucrative if retailers purchase enough of them at once, as they can have a large delivery made once, and store enough poundlines to sell throughout the year. These products will help bring customers into the shop and secure last minute sales for those customers who are buying a lot at once. Thanks to only needing to pay for one delivery, the profit from poundlines can rise to more than a retailer ever imagined, if they plan ahead.

Consumers save money on all of their goods thanks to the process of retailers purchasing stock from wholesalers as opposed to manufacturers. While many may think that a retailer could cut costs by purchasing stock from manufacturers, in reality the costs would raise. Manufacturers are based around the UK, meaning a single retailer would need to have many deliveries made to their premises for all of their stock, incurring costs they don’t have to pay now thanks to wholesalers. By using wholesalers, not only do retailers only need to pay for one delivery, they can also save money by purchasing their stock in bulk all at once, and only making orders once every few months.

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