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Buying in bulk is popular with both businesses and customers, because the more you buy the better the bargain that you’re getting. With the recession on going as well, buying wholesale is easily the favourite way to purchase anything at the moment. Obviously the main reason for this is that its much cheaper than buying those same products individually, and can last for much longer.

Astro imports encourage their customers to buy wholesale with incentives such as discounts. These discounts benefit customers by giving them the space to make more money from their products and increase their margins when it comes to selling them. This is an important factor, especially at the moment when every penny counts, and can mean the difference between a business doing well or failing to the point of closing down.

The range of products on offer at Astro Imports is ever changing to keep up with the stream of new products being generated throughout the year. This is great for customers of Astro, because they’ll never be behind with current innovations. On top of all their new products Astro also offer pound line ranges that are always safe bets to sell. These are classic products that customers are used to seeing and buying in their everyday shopping habits.

An advantage that Astro have over all of their competitors is their website, this allows their customers to securely log in and buy wholesale whenever they want to. The advantage this presents to the customer is being able to order their stock whenever they’ve got a free moment, it doesn’t even have to be in office hours. So helpful is the website that if you’re looking to order exactly the same stock as you did last time, you can just hit the repeat order button and the rest is automatically done for you.

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