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Shopping bags are used every day in the high street and supermarkets around the world. Shopping bags are the way in which we can carry all of the goods that we buy during the month. Going to a supermarket and buying the families’ food for the month would be an impossible task if there were no bags to put the shopping in at the end, and transporting all of the food into the house would be a very big task. There are now reusable shopping bags being sold by most retailers and supermarkets in the hope that customers will attempt to cut down on the amount of shopping bags they use.

Retailers offer reusable shopping bags as they are a product that they are likely to sell to all of their customers. These bags are cheap and bring with them a message of recycling and helping to create a cleaner planet. All customers like to buy reusable shopping bags because it makes them feel like they’re helping to make the world a better place in their own small way. This is brilliant as it really does make a big difference when people reuse one shopping bag instead of going out and using several with each shopping trip.

Wholesalers are the businesses that supply retailers with all of the goods they sell. The reason for this is that wholesalers are supplied by many different manufacturers, and hold many different kinds of products in their warehouses. Wholesalers like Astro Imports offer all of the goods in their warehouse online for retailers to buy wholesale. This means that retailers are able to stock up on their goods at whatever time they’re available, and don’t have to make sure that they’re free during office hours to make a telephone call for ordering their stock.

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