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Potpourri is used by many people around the world everyday. The main reason for this is to bring a welcoming and harmonious smell into a room that isn’t as overpowering as the scent that most airfresheners produce. Potpourri slowly fills a room with the scent that has been infused in it so that it soon becomes the way that the room seems to have always smelt. Many people use potpouri in the rooms in their home where they entertain guests most, because making a good impresssion with your home is incredibly important to some people.

Many retailers sell potpourri as it is a cheap product that a lot of people want to have in their homes. The smells produced by potpourri suggest luxury in a home, and make a great impression on those that pick up the smells. It is also used as a decoration in homes as potpourri can come in a range of beautiful colours. This is what makes it such an attractive product to buy for a home, and is why so many retailers stock this product in the first place. Potpourri can be an impulse purchase for many as it is cheap but end up being a regular purchase for years to come.

Wholesalers provide a range of different goods to retailers around the world. They are the companies that source goods from manufacturers and offer them at cheap bulk prices to retailers. This is great because it means that retailers get their goods at prices that allow them to make a profit when those goods are sold on. Astro Imports is a UK wholesaler that offers many goods such as potpourri, and all are avaialble for retailers to buy whoelsale from their website online. This is different to many other wholesalers on the market that do not give retailers the chance to purchase their stock online.

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