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Retailers need to have poundlines to sell to customers, or they won’t have any cheaper products to put out alongside their other, more expensive goods. Many businesses use poundlines as a way to entice customers into purchasing something from their shops. The reason behind this is that once people have picked up a product they’re happy to buy because it’s not too expensive, they may look at other products and be more likely to purchase them if they are already intending to spend money. Not only does this increase sales for businesses, but it also invites in customers who may never want to purchase the more expensive items, and instead are only interested in the poundlines.

For retailers, the preferable option with all stock is to make as much money as possible from the sales by keeping the cost to customers at a reasonable rate, and purchasing stock at a much lower cost to them. Wholesalers allow retailers to do this, as they in turn pay a low cost for the goods from manufacturers. For retailers this means that the cost per item is much lower to them, and when they sell these goods on to customers they are making a larger profit than if they had brought less stock.

Astro Imports are bulk poundline wholesalers that provide to retailers around the UK. They have a wide range of stock that is growing all the time to offer everything from kitchen home goods to IPad and IPhone accessories. Retailers can save money and time by purchasing the wholesale goods they need online from Astro Imports’ trade website, leaving them with the time to work in their shops, rather than spend a long time on the phone ordering stock and speaking with various different representatives that aren’t in the right department.

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