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Retailers bulk buy wholesale products for their shops, as they need to buy a lot of goods at once to ensure they have enough to meet customer demand. When they purchase all of these goods they are able to make a saving depending on how much they purchase at once. Wholesalers will often offer incremental discounts on their products, meaning the discount a retailer receives on their order will increase when they purchase more at once. This has an effect on the price of each unit individually, meaning that if the units cost a lot less, a retailer can charge competitive prices and still make a profit on their goods.

Wholesalers provide to retailers around the world, stocking goods from manufacturers and selling them on at a low cost to other businesses. Manufacturers can’t deliver to every retailer that wants to stock their products, so they use wholesalers to distribute their goods further than is cost effective for a manufacturer to do. Wholesalers keep their stock constantly moving, as they want to make room for newer products to come in to sell to retailers, ensuring they’re always offering the latest goods that aren’t already stagnant in the market.

Consumers save money when they purchase cheaper goods from a retailer, and many wonder how retailers can afford to sell them so cheaply. When a retailer has purchased a lot of a single product, they will have had the price discounted, meaning they can charge less for it, but will still make the profit they need from it. Without wholesalers supplying goods from manufacturers, retailers would be incurring huge delivery costs, meaning their goods wouldn’t be as cheap, and customers would suffer. Astro Imports and similar wholesalers are helping to keep the costs of goods down both for businesses and customers.

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