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Retailers need to buy their goods wholesale to make a profit on them when they’re sold on to customers. Without wholesalers, retailers would need to have all of the goods they stock delivered from the manufacturers responsible for them. This would in turn, incur huge delivery costs on the retailers behalf, meaning they would have to pass that cost onto their customers, or lose money by selling the goods at competitive prices that don’t even break even. Retailers save money today by buying all of their goods from wholesalers, resulting in only one delivery charge, which keeps the costs of their goods down for customers.

Wholesalers such as Astro Imports provide to retailers around the UK. Wholesalers are the businesses that provide retailers with the ability to bulk buy wholesale goods, and find exactly what they need for their store all in one place. Wholesalers go to different manufacturers, which have researched with customers the way products should be, and purchase all of the goods that customers want, storing those goods in their warehouses. Wholesalers cover their costs by selling their goods to retailers in such large quantities, helping them to also keep their stock moving and continuously changing to make room for new products.

Customers are the end consumer of all products. Manufacturers will research and make the goods, wholesalers will stock them for retailers to purchase, and retailers will sell them on to customers at low prices. Without this chain of businesses, customers would need to pay a lot more for products than they do now. Thanks to wholesalers keeping their costs low, customers are able to enjoy all of the goods they can buy from their local retailers at a cost that suits them, and won’t result in them needing to save up or go to another retailer in search of their goods.

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