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Wholesalers are the businesses that sell to the retail market. This is because retailers need somewhere to get their goods from, but if they bought them all directly from the manufacturers they would incur enormous costs. Wholesalers order in all of the new products on the market from manufacturers and stock them in their warehouses. Retailers can then visit the premises, order by catalogue or order online to get these goods delivered to them. This results in customers getting the goods they require at the cheapest possible price because retailers aren’t having to pay for the delivery that wholesalers have to.

The retail market is incredibly fast-paced. There are now so many new products being released all at once that retailers have to be very quick to make sure that they have the latest and best products on their shelves when their customer’s interest is highest. Keeping up with stock levels is a time-consuming task, and many retailers fail to do so, which then results in a long delay before customers get their goods. One of the most tedious parts of ordering stock is the fact that it must be done over the phone by quoting catalogue numbers. This puts many business owners off of ordering stock until the last minute, but it can cost their business if the stock is too late.

Astro Imports are a wholesaler that provides goods to the retail market. The business has a website that they use for taking most of their orders because it is easy and quick. A wholesaler online is open 24 hours a day as opposed to a phone line that is only open during office hours. This is great because business owners never have the time in the day to phone up and carefully order goods. With a website they can simply click the repeat order button and the same stock as their last order will be on its way.

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