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Companies are always releasing new products. This is due to the fact that customers always want the latest thing, and manufacturers can guarantee sales if they bring out new or updated products regularly. Apple is a good example of a company that are continuously bringing out updated products, and customers are always excited to see what is new and get their hands on the latest gadgets. This is most true of the iPad as many customers bought the first iPad for its revolution in tablet technology. When the iPad 2 came out many customers upgraded, and with the release of The New iPad there were more upgrades than ever in order for people to get their hands on the latest piece of technology.

Manufacturers put a lot of money into the research of their target market and what they want from the latest product. This is great as it means that customers get what they want from the new products and enjoy them more due to this. Market research is something that businesses sink a lot of money into as the results they receive are well worth the cost. If businesses didn’t undertake any kind of market research then their products wouldn’t be what customers wanted them to be, and companies would then lose sales.

Astro Imports is a wholesaler that provides to the retail market. They have a range of products that is constantly being updated in order for retailers to bring their customers fresh products instead of the same old ones. Astro Imports alters the stock that they offer to retailers according to what customers are after. This is great for retailers as it means that they don’t have to research what their customers are after from products, and they can just buy the new wholesale products that Astro Imports are offering on their website.

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