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Consumers love to shop in the pound lines. This is because pound line items are affordable even if it’s the end of the month and you’re a little out of pocket. Pound lines also have some of the most enjoyable products available on the market. The small squeaky pet toys for example are great for those who own pets and those who don’t. A small fake American Football can provide hours of entertainment with the right imagination. And for those with a pet this can be a present for both owner and animal to play with to take up a day.

Retailers that provide pound lines to their customers do well because of it. These retailers are offering a cheap product to their customers so that they’ll come into the shop and browse for a while. Once these customers are inside the retailer’s store and browsing they are more likely to look at other products that they are more interested in than the pound lines. Because of the initial interest the retailers created with their pound line stock they have the opportunity to sell products to customers that may not have come into the shop at all otherwise.

Astro Imports are a wholesaler that supply to the retail market. The company has a vast selection of wholesale pound lines for retailers to choose from available to order on their website. The Astro Imports website allows retailers to log into a secure online store, and pick and order the products they need to sell in their shops. The website gives retailers the ability to fill an entire container if they need to, and arrange a delivery time that best suits them so that the stock can be delivered at the best possible time. Astro Imports constantly update their stock with the latest products on the market, and as a result of this their pound lines are always top of the range.

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