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Wholesale Kitchenware supplies With the increased demand for value for money in this commercial and competitive age, Astro Imports never fails to deliver its broad range of kitchenware goods online at the right prices and passing huge savings to customers. The national trend is that kitchens are now becoming ‘living’ kitchens replacing the lounge so there is more demand for the purchase of kitchenware at a competitive price. The range in chrome ware including the elegant chrome napkin holder, the fruititous chrome fruit bowl are good examples where there are now special offers made by Astro Imports.

With the increase in kitchen designer units and worktops there is also a need to protect work surfaces nowadays, hence the need for coasters. But cheap coasters look cheap and before you know it you have to dispose of them not very long after they have been bought. The broad range of coasters offered by Astro Imports are all robust, and make an attractive feature to any work surface. For example the 4 pack glass coasters can be easily wiped cleaned and last for ever as well as introducing an element of elegance on any worktop. It goes without saying that the customer looking for the modern twist in coasters will surely appreciate the 3D -8piece place and coaster set with its dazzling colours which will brighten even the most dated kitchen. There are also availability of 6 pack placements should the coasters not be your cup of tea. Hence at Astro Imports there is something to suit everyone’s taste.

The kitchen roll holder will always be ready to dispense kitchen roll paper at you finger tips when required and even in the event of the roll being absent the arms of holder can be neatly folded inside and you would never notice of it presence. There are even tomato ketchup and mustard dispensers in the form of bottles so that it is mush easier to squeeze ketchup or mustard.

Astro Imports are renowned for their spectacular modern range adding versatility, practicality and above all affordability in kitchen products. The availability of their cutlery in knives and forks are no exception. The 16 piece cutlery set is currently under special offer at a reduced price. Alternatively you can purchase the 3 pack knives and 3 pack forks separately. If you wish to know about any of the Astro Imports products they are all listed on the Astro Imports Wholesale Kitchenware supplies website.

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