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We all need torches it’s a great household necessity. If you’re staying at university or on holiday in another country where ever you are a taking a torch along can come in handy.

Torches are especially good for safety reasons such as to put on your bike for cycling when its dark is especially good to make yourself more visible to vehicles to avoid being in danger especially as it gets dark in winter.

So if you’re safe with a bicycle with a torch there’s less worry and more time to concentrate on keeping fit as cycling is a very good way to keep fit. Not only is it a way to keep energy and fitness levels up it is great for the environment as you wouldn’t be polluting the air with fumes from a car.

A common use is keeping a torch outside house safety reasons making you aware and alert.

Torches have so many great uses. Especially now since there are solar powered torches which save great money on spending for batteries.

It’s advised that motorist should keep one on hand just in case they were to break down and at home just in case the power ever goes out or even if you’re just taking your dog out for a walk it’s just such a useful tool.

Not only is it practical to keep a torch handy. It can be made fun for Children as they often find amusement out of it by using it to play games. It is also useful for parents who are teaching their children to sleep in the dark, if you leave them a torch it could in fact comfort them and help them to get used to it.

Torches come in all types of shapes, colours, weights and sizes. The most common seems to be lightweight aluminium torches that are practical to carry around whether your camping in the woods or going orienteering or exploring you can take them along.

So although torches have many practical uses and are hand keepsake to have it can also be something fun not just for the kids but for adults too.

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