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Pound shop lines are probably one of the most popular products among customers of all ages. For children and babies there are many different kinds of affordable toys that can be bought to play with, even if those products aren’t meant to be toys. For adults there are many different practical products in the pound lines like car air fresheners, shower scrubs, and bin bags. For the elderly there are different types of reading glasses and even walking sticks that can be purchased for as little as £1. It’s for these reasons that retailers need to be stocking pound lines and making profit on easy sales.

Retailers that provide pound shop lines need to choose exactly what lines to stock. A shop selling car accessories more than likely wouldn’t sell any shower scrubs because they won’t be getting customers who need shower scrubs coming in. A better pound line product for a car accessories retailer to stock would be car air fresheners or pre-mixed windscreen wash. The only trouble with pound line products is making sure that you make a profit when they are sold, and this can be hard because customers expect them to cost so little.

Astro Imports are a pound shop wholesaler that can help those retailers that are stocking pound line products. Astro Imports’ website is a secure store for retailers only, and once logged in they can browse through all of the ranges that Astro Imports offer, including the pound lines. The website has a system that gives retailers greater discounts on their order if they purchase more at once. Because of this they are better off placing an order for a container load of goods, rather than anything less, as they will be able to increase the margins on all of the products they’ve bought.

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