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Pound line products are very popular. Customers love to get a bargain, and these lines are exactly where they are guaranteed to get that bargain. There is more pressure now for retailers to give customers the products they want at incredibly low prices, but if these goods cost too much then customers can’t have them for the cheap prices they desire. One of the main groups buying pound shop lines are young children who are out with their pocket money. These products appeal to this group more because they are more likely to be able to have fun with these cheap products, rather than adults who are a little bit more serious.

Making a profit on pound line products can be a struggle for any retailer. This is because there is an expectation among customers that these goods should cost next to nothing but still be of high quality. In order to make enough profit from pound lines to benefit a company, retailers must buy the products in large, bulk orders so that they can get a discount on the price they pay for each one. As a result of this the retailers can charge a low cost and still make profit from these goods.

Astro Imports supply to the pound shop wholesale market, and give their retailers the ability to make more profit that usual on their pound line products. Astro Imports have a website from which retailers can order all of the goods they need for the coming month, and the more they buy at once, the greater the discount they receive on that order. The danger with ordering too much at once is that a company will have too much of one product to sell, and so it will sit on the shelves and have to be discounted, but Astro Imports have such a wide range of goods that retailers are able to buy the products they need to fill the shelves but in many different ranges, to keep their stock fresh.

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