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Pound shop suppliers are in demand, as many retailers are keen to fill their shelves with a range of small ticket pound items to tempt their customers. In the UK, finding a good discount line supplier that can achieve the right balance between providing quality products and enough margin for the retailer can be a delicate balancing act. However, Leicester based, Astro Imports seems to be hitting the nail on the head. Their product range of discount line products are carefully selected and ethically sourced and covers a wide range of categories from housewares, pet products, beauty items, kitchen and cooking accessories and bike parts just to name a few of the product ranges available to buy. Which is why, many independent retailers, eBay and market traders are choosing Astro Imports as their wholesaler of choice for pound and discount line products.

In the current economic climate, many £1 line shops on the high street have seen their sales soar, as many consumers are looking to snap up a bargain. In fact pound line retailers thrive on the impulse purchase which the pound line products looks to attract. However many uk wholesalers selling pound line products, might appear on the surface to be offering reasonable margin with competitive pricing, once their minimum £250 order value, plus the fact that their customers have to buy the full outer carton, combined with expensive delivery charges, can add up to not so competitive pricing, all of which impacts the independent retailer or market traders vital margins.

Take for example Astro Imports. They pride themselves on offering the cheapest pricing in the UK for their pound and discount line products, but it’s their offering beyond just cheapest prices that make them a hugely attractive choice for their customers. The £50 minimum spend limit is a great entry point for their customers who might want to replenish their stock little and often due to lack of storage space or prefer to keep their order quantities smaller because of cash flow. The £50 minimum spend at Astro Imports is also great news for new businesses wishing to test a few products in a pound line suppliers range. This makes wholesalers like the midlands based Astro Imports an appealing choice for a wide range of independent retail businesses in the UK.

Excessive delivery charges can easily steal away profit margins from smaller independents. The discount line wholesaler who can offer competitive delivery prices will attract more business. With delivery starting from £7.95 at Astro Imports, free delivery on orders over £500 and a 48 hour delivery service from despatch can mean more profit for the retailer.

If you’re an independent shop or retailer selling discount line products in your store, weighing up the full offering on the table from £1 shop suppliers, including not just their pricing, but minimum spends, delivery terms and times, the ability to register quickly and easy, with the ability to pay by credit card, paypal, bank transfer or on account, are all important considerations for you and your business to weigh up. And done with diligence will ensure you select the right pound line products supplier who can provide enough margin in the product to make you one happy retailer!

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