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Manufacturers make products to be sold in high street retailer stores. These manufacturers put a lot of time and effort into consumer research in order to make products that consumers will be happy and more importantly want to buy. The great thing about manufacturers is that they only want to make products that will sell well. Some manufacturers don’t listen to the consumer research and end up losing money on a product, but the good ones always manage to make products that are very popular.

Wholesalers are the businesses that gather together all of the stock that retailers could possibly want to purchase. The reason for this is that it is too expensive for retailers to have many deliveries from many manufacturers, and so instead they buy in bulk, the products they need from wholesalers. As wholesalers purchase their stock in bulk from manufacturers they are able to buy them at a very low cost. This low cost is then passed on to retailers, which is why it is so cheap to buy goods on the high street.

Retailers are businesses that affect the daily lives of everyone in the world because there are so many goods needed for day to day life. When retailers purchase their stock they get one bulk delivery of goods from a wholesaler. This will have discounts applied to it by the wholesaler, and the retailer will therefore be able to sell their goods at a cheaper cost to their customers. This is good because customers want to pay as little as possible for their goods, and won’t pay high prices if they think they can get a better deal elsewhere.

Astro Imports is a wholesaler that allows its retail customers to purchase stock online. This is great for all businesses that are searching for somewhere to buy cheap wholesale products. The reason for this is that Astro Imports’ website is open 24 hours a day, and that means that it can take orders at any time day or night. Business owners are generally incredibly busy and don’t have time to phone up to order stock during office hours, but with a website they can simply click a button and an order is made.

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