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Pet Toys and Accessories for pound shop suppliers are easy to find, but Pet Toys and Accessories for pound shop suppliers at good prices are not so easy to find. So where should you go?

Here at Astro Imports we have great products at good prices, prices that are profitable for you. Ranging from Glitter Effect Large Dog collars because big dogs can be beautiful to, too squeaky chickens for hours of entertainment, for your customers pets, not yourselves.

We aim to not only please you with our products but also with our customer service, any problems just pick up the phone and our customer service team will put a smile on your face and soothe any worries you may have.

Pets are like people, they become one of the family which is why the Astro Imports team sell nothing but excellence for your customers pets. We know what they want, and we know what you need.

We also accommodate for all sized pets, we do this by offering different sizes in a few of our products, one of these being the squeaky slipper, we sell a large one for larger pets, and a small one for smaller pets. Or if your customers pets are just spoilt, we’re sure the larger one could also be loved by smaller pets.

Another way we are accommodating is with our Pet Harnesses, we sell both large and small pet harnesses so if your pet has been spoilt on a few to many treats, our Large Nylon Pet Harness will offer the best possible comfort for your friend.

If on the other side of things if you have a smaller pet that is a little naughty and manages to escape from his or her collar, our Small Nylon Pet Harness will keep your little friend 100% secure keeping you 100% happy.

So as you can see from the above, we here at Astro Imports try our very best to keep our Pet Toys Wholesalers at a high standard, available for all pet owners. But we need you to take these products and sell them to your customers so they can see just how practical our, soon to be your products are. People see their pets as their family and so want the best quality products on the market, which is why we provide the high standard that we do.

Pound shop suppliers need cheap, but nice products and that is what we are offering.

Give your business the chance to shine by getting in some wonderful Pet Toys and Accessories, allow your customers to experience luxury for their pets. But you can’t do all of this alone, which is why we’re here to help you.

The result of purchasing from Astro Imports? Happy Business, happy customers and happy pets.

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