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The range of different shops within cities is incredibly vast. This is because there are so many people that have started up their own businesses and are now providing to the public. Having a wide range of shops is great for a city as it improves the level of interest from both those living within and those who live in other areas. It is very important for a city that it attracts as many people as it can from other areas because it means more people could be looking to move to the city, and coming in for big events that occur in and around it.

Having so many different businesses means that customers get access to a broader range of goods that are available. Within the city of Leicester for example there are many different supermarkets, some are targeted at local areas and some are targeted at the entire population. Because of the vast range of businesses the people of Leicester can choose to abandon the big supermarket chains and do their shopping at local grocers who provide products at a cost that is usually cheaper than many supermarkets. The range of East End products for example is popular among those who want to get their rice and spices at a cheaper cost

Astro Imports are aiding the businesses of Leicester by providing cheap products for retailers to sell in their shops. Astro Imports have a secure website that is only accessible by businesses, so there is no chance of consumers seeing the prices that you pay for your stock. The website also allows for easy ordering for all retailers, and Leicester based customers can expect next day delivery if necessary. Because Astro Imports are based in Leicester, local businesses will be able to get their goods a lot faster and cheaper, when compared to buying with other wholesalers. Astro Imports are helping Leicester wholesaler businesses stay afloat.

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