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Every city has a wholesaler that provides to the shops in and around it. These wholesalers get used by the public and by retailers that are looking to top up on their stock for the coming month. Wholesalers are the companies that bring all of the products from around the country together under one roof. If customers had to go to a manufacturer for every product they wanted to purchase then they would have to travel a very long way for the weekly shop.

Retailers need wholesalers in order to survive. This is because a retailer can’t be the company getting different product deliveries arranged because it would dramatically affect the cost of the goods. Wholesalers combine their deliveries with many different products from the same manufacturer in order to cut the costs on their goods. This means that all of these products can be sold to retailers for a very low price. Retailers can then sell these goods on and make a profit on the sales because they don’t have to cover the costs of delivery.

Astro Imports are a wholesaler that sells to the retail market. The company are based in Leicester and have often been referred to as the leicester cash and carry because of their cheap prices and range of goods. The company are bringing products from around the country to retailers in and around the city, and they even provide to businesses based elsewhere in the UK. The company use their website to help further cut costs for retailers, giving them the chance to order online and take away the need for catalogue distribution and travelling sales representatives. Astro Import’s website is the future of the wholesale market, and this can be seen in the growing number of wholesalers selling online.

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