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Christmas Stock Wholesalers make thousands around the world, out of you. The team at Astro Imports aim to help you, not break your bank.

Everyone wants there house to feel nice and festive at Christmas time, and how do they do that? Christmas decorations of course! We at Astro Imports have a few fun Christmas decorations to cover the house in! Including the Modern Tinsel, this comes in an assortment of colours and we also sell the White and Black tinsel to offer a classic contrast. Both of these will look brilliant in any house but we like to give our customers the choice, so you can do the same for yours.

The tinsel can not only be used in homes but also shops, schools and even hotels! Bringing you more and more potential customers, which then of course brings more business.

We have ideas for your shelves which your customers will be screaming in excitement at so keep reading to find out about some great stocking fillers, which will also fill your tills.

Whether your customers are buying for mums, dads, brothers and sisters, or even pets! We have what they’re looking for which results in us having what you’re looking for.

So let’s start with mums, the lady in your life who has taken care of you no matter what, surely she deserves something great. For her we have some beautiful false flowers, a Christmas present that will last forever! We have all different types to cater for people with all different tastes; we even have Single Long Stem Shiny Flowers for those of you who have mums who love a bit of sparkle! What could be better? Don’t answer that yet until you’ve finished reading this article!

So who’s next? Dad of course! For him we have some great Coffee sets, presented beautifully in a gift box. This coffee set is the perfect gift for dads as all they really want is a good old cup of coffee to calm them from all the Christmas spending going on around them.

And after that? Let’s go to brothers, for brothers we have the amazingly cool 4 Pack Designed Air Fresheners to make their car smell fresh whilst keeping the too cool for school element there. This is a real great stocking filler as it’s priced fairly, meaning you can carry on filling without emptying your pockets.

And now let’s think about sisters, they’re always doing their makeup and checking their hair, so what could be better than a mirror? At Astro Imports we have Double Sided Round Mirrors, with one side magnifying to catch any flaws before she leaves the house.

And now to the most important category of all, pets! Your pets are loved dearly by all the family so it’s no shock when everyone turns up with a present for your little friend. But if you’re sick of the same old rubbish you’re receiving then you need to start looking somewhere else! We provide some really entertaining products for pets including the wacky Nylon Pet Ball, made to provide hours of chewing!

So there you go, above you can see just a very small amount of the great products Astro Imports can provide for your customers to pop under the tree this Christmas. If you Christmas Stock Wholesalers want business to be booming then you need to find the right providers, we are those providers.

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