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Leicester is a city that is buzzing with business. There are new stores being set up all the time somewhere in the area, and other companies are buying smaller businesses in order to expand their services and size in general. This is due to the fact that Leicester is an incredibly culturally diverse city, with people from all over the world coming together and operating businesses in close proximity to each other. This is great for people that live in Leicester as it gives them access to a range of different businesses selling a range of different goods.

Wholesalers are the businesses that supply to retailers. Wholesalers contact many different manufacturers and make orders for all of the stock that they have produced. This stock is then delivered from all of the different manufacturers to the wholesaler’s warehouse. Retailers can then order the goods they want to buy from wholesalers on the phone from a catalogue, or using the wholesaler’s website. The advantage of a wholesaler having a website is that retailers can make orders for their stock at any point during the day or night. Business owners are usually very busy and don’t have time to call and make orders during office hours, which is why they would find it very beneficial to have a website to make orders on.

Astro Imports is a wholesaler based in Leicester. They supply to many different businesses due to the range that exist within the city, and the fact that they deliver all around the country. Astro Imports are known as the cash and carry Leicester, due to the fact that they supply to local businesses, however they deal with customers from all over the country thanks to their website. The Astro Imports website is accessible to all retailers and has a wide range of stock that is updated at regular intervals to ensure that retailers get the best products Astro have to offer

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