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Businesses need to have stock for their customers to buy. This is due to the fact that customers need something to buy from a business or they won’t bother using them. Businesses are providing a service for customers by offering them goods to purchase, and customers need this service because they cannot go out and get most goods on their own. Without something that customers want businesses would have nothing to provide, which is the reason that businesses are always bringing out new products, make them desirable to customers and sell them.

Wholesalers are the businesses that provide stock to retailers. Retailers require wholesalers in order to buy their stock due to the fact that without them, goods would be a lot more expensive. Wholesalers contact many different manufacturers and purchase different goods from them to be delivered to their warehouse. Retailers can then order this stock from wholesalers and have it delivered to their premises in one delivery. If retailers were paying for lots of different deliveries then they would need to charge more for their products in order to make a good profit. Due to the fact that retailers get their stock from wholesalers they are able to sell their goods at a cheap price and still make a good profit on their sales.

Astro Imports is a wholesaler that provides to the retail market. As a wholesaler, Astro Imports have found that having a website for retailers to order from is incredibly beneficial. Many business owners are too busy during office hours to order new stock and end up with a very low level before they force themselves to interrupt their day and call a wholesaler. With a website, business owners can go online and start buying wholesale for the stock they need whenever they want, even if it’s late at night just before they go home

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