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Looking for a quick turnover in battery operated items to enhance your sale figures? But you also want to buy in bulk so looking for a competitive price? Then try Astro Imports for online wholesale buying who stock wide range of premium torches comprising of the brightest of technology with LED’s. LED stands for Light Emitting Diodes and in recent years diode technology has improved offering not only longer service life but also high energy efficiency, hence the reason for their increased use for lighting purposes around the home and commercial premises. The LED’s are little gems renowned for their small impact in size but execute the greatest of light intensity. Take for example the smallest range of Ultra light flash lights. Each torch is no bigger than 8.5cm in length and easily enough to slip into any pocket but powerful enough to illuminate a room comes power packed with 9 LED’s. Each mini torch comes in different coluors with a metallic finish and includes a lace strap. Batteries are also included and the torch can be switched on by the pushing the button at the base. To make the mini torches operate just simply unscrew the base and remove the contact pad on battery. Each box comprises of 24 torches.

Maybe the discerning buyer is searching for a torch that can be utilised as permanent means of lighting facility in a dark space or room as and when required. Astro Imports offering the circular disc torch of no more than 7cm in diameter consisting of 6 LED’s would be the most welcome switch under these circumstances. This torch comes with a modern silver finish with an adhesive back which can be stuck to any surface and illuminates by simply touching it.

Or perhaps there are DIY enthusiasts who need illumination but also need their hands free at the same time whilst working in an awkward or dark corner. In this case look no further than the head light which comes with strong 7 LED’s from Astro Imports. Not only does this torch comes with an adjustable head strap but you can also adjust the inclination angle of the actual torch to focus at any angle required whilst leaving both hands free to get on with the job in hand. The quantity in each box comprises of 25 and each Bulk Buy Torches includes batteries. There are two choices of colours, of either silver or black and measures approximately 7x5cm. All products can be view online on Astro Imports website.

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